About Us

Welcome to our Company - Specialist Raw Pet Foods Limited


We are a company that specialises in providing your pet companions with the best in nutritional food. 


We decided to set up our company, as we own two Cavalier King Charles spaniels that are very dear to our family.


Bailey who is the eldest was born on 5th January 2012, and JD is the youngest, born on 24th April 2012.


Both of our young dogs had issues with their weight, as this can be a common problem with Cavalier King Charles spaniels, and other breeds.


We, therefore, decided to carry out extensive research, which lead us to researching raw natural products. We found that this gave our pets the best-balanced diet, instead of the processed alternatives that are available.


The foods that we stock are founded on the simple idea that cats and dogs deserve a healthy, biologically appropriate, balanced diet, made from all-natural human grade ingredients, containing no cereal or fillers. The companies that supply us, which include Nutriment only use the very best Department for Environment; Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) approved British meats, fruit and vegetables that ensure a meal overflowing with vital nutrients.


We found that after a short time using these products, Bailey and JD’s vivacity and energy levels improved, and their coats were enhanced.


We have continued to use the these products, as Bailey and JD seem to enjoy the variety of meats available, and they have maintained a steady weight of around 7.5 to 8.0 Kilograms.