"My two Boxer dogs have been eating Nutriment for just over 2 months and are flourishing.  Their coats are shiny and the shedding has disappeared and more importantly they love it!  One of my dogs has been diagnosed with mast cell cancer and research recommended a more natural way of feeding ie a homemade diet including high percentages of protein and minimal carbs with no grains.  Nutriment meets this criteria and for a very reasonable price and I can rest assured that my dogs are getting a nutritious diet which is made from human grade ingredients."

Helen - Medway


"My dog is a two year old German Spitz Klein and enjoys the Nutriment diet.  I cannot stress how fabulous this food is, it promotes good teeth, fantastic coat and general well-being.  I am a vegetarian and originally she was on a well known dry food as a youngster but I decided to transfer onto the raw diet when she was nearly a year old as she was becoming fussy and it looked, well just so BORING and DRY and un-natural! What a change ... ! She wolfs her food down with a clean bowl every time. 

She was spayed at 18 months and her coat altering was a big concern of mine, being a spitz she has a wonderful full and shiny coat, but I cannot tell the difference since her spay and I swear this is down to her diet on Nutriment. 

She also has beef jerky sticks cut up for training.  These are great and nutritious and 100% beef. 

I am a complete convert.  I would never go back to dry commercial food ever again."

Sam - St.Mary's Island


"Our dog is doing great, I'll have to get you a picture of him soon.  His coat has always been soft and nice but the biggest change I've noticed is at the back-end as it's 110% better now!  Much nicer to walk (for picking up) and never runny after car rides anymore!  It's hard now which means he's not suffering as before we were concerned due his back end appearing to be quite red and he had other signs that his glands needed expressing; since the switch to Nutriment it's cleared up and no more redness or any signs of issues."   

Christa   - Chelmsford