This start-up range contains only meat or meat and bone, and has been specifically devised for those of us who still prefer to prepare bespoke meals for their pets’ mealtimes. Acting as the perfect base from which you can add your own ingredients, Pure can also be deployed as a handy mixer should you wish your dog to put on some extra weight or employed as an occasional special treat.

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Regular Rabbit 0.5-1kg
Lamb Bone Broth for Dogs
Beef Bone Broth for dogs
Paleo Ridge - Pork Mince 1kg
£3.80 £2.80
Mixed Game Meat Feast
Purely Lamb Mince Complete 1KG
Purely Chicken Complete 1KG
Purely Pork Complete 1KG
Horse Mince Complete with Veal...
Surf and Turf Oily Fish, Ox and...
Ox Tripe Complete with Duck 1KG
Mixed Meat Complete with Duck...
Ox Mince Complete with Duck 1KG
Venison Beef and Turkey Complete...
Venison Meat Feast
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