Venison & Blueberry Sticks

  • Brand: Natural Choice Treats
  • Code: NC1
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These luscious Venison & Blueberry sticks are made with a 90% venison and 10% blueberry. Our Venison is 100% meat containing no derivatives and rich in nutrients. Venison is a lean meat packed with vitamins B, B12, protein and iron. It is well known for its irresistible rich woody flavors. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants, including Vitamin C and Vitamin K. Our Venison & Blueberry sticks come sealed with an inert gas that keeps the products fresh for 12 months when sealed. Please note: Venison & Blueberry sticks are made of all natural ingredients so there may be slight colour variations.

High in vitamins B12, C and K

High in protein, High in Iron

Suitable for dogs with foot intolerance

100% Meat

No artificial colouring or flavouring, No Preservatives

Air dried Naturally.  Grain free

Wheat & gluten free

No biscuit or cereal ingredients

No Derivatives

Feeding recommendation/day: Additionally, you can feed your dog up to 40g per day but please supply ample water.

Composition: 90% Venison and 10% Blueberry

Analytical constituents: Crude protein: 37%; crude fat: 12%; crude fibre 1.5%; crude ash: 5%; moisture 22%.