Salmon Bites

  • Brand: Natural Choice Treats
  • Code: NC6
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 These captivating Salmon Bites are made with a 92% Salmon. Our Salmon is 100% salmon fillet containing no derivatives, high source of protein, vitamins B12 and minerals including potassium & selenium which are great for your dogs coat. Salmon is also known to boost heart health, kidney function and joints through the production of collagen and anti- inflammatory molecules, which comes from the amino acid content. All Natural Choice treats are gluten free and contain no artificial colouring or flavouring. Our Salmon bites come sealed with an inert gas that keeps the products fresh for 12 months when sealed. Please note: Salmon Bites are made of all natural ingredients so there may be slight colour variations.

100 grams per pack

High in Protein

Source of vitamin B12, Potassium & Selenium

100% Salmon fillet

No artificial colouring or flavouring

No Preservatives

Air dried naturally

Grain free

Wheat & gluten free

No biscuit or cereal ingredients

No Derivatives

Feeding recommendation/day: Additionally, you can feed your dog up to 40g per day but please supply ample water.

Composition: 92% Salmon fillet, potato starch, natural glycerine and glucose.

Analytical constituents: Crude protein: 30%; crude fat: 21%; crude fibre 0.2%; crude ash: 6%; moisture 26%.