VenPlus 240 Training Treats

  • Brand: Veni-Dog
  • Code: V10
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Venison-based premium treats for dogs.

Each pocket-sized tube contains approximately 240 super-healthy, super-tasty low calorie treats which are ideal for training as well as being a hugely popular snack at any time!

Made in the United Kingdom from human grade British venison, they are gluten-free, hypo-allergenic and suitable for dogs with food intolerances. They contain no artificial flavourants or preservatives. They are also glycerol-free.

In addition to the fact that dogs are crazy about them, VenPlus treats have real nutritional value, with low fat and low calorific content.

VenPlus treats are made with freshly prepared venison from the Scottish Highlands plus selected nutritional additives, including ingredients for joint health.