Lamb Meat Feast

  • Brand: Benyfit
  • Code: B10
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Your dog's health and well-being is important, so choosing Benyfit's 80:10:10 Lamb Meat Feast is essential for a nutritious diet that's full of flavour.

Made from 100% natural ingredients, this raw dog food is nutritionally balanced and provides a complete solution to your dog's food. The ethically sourced meat comprises 80% muscle meat, 10% liver and 10% bone. As working dogs in the wild would eat a raw diet, this meal has been designed to give your adult working dog a natural, raw meal as opposed to a factory-processed meal filled with additives.

The 80:10:10 Lamb Meat Feast has no artificial colours, no preservatives and no added flavours. You can rely on the fact that your dog is enjoying the highest quality ingredients including 80% British lamb, 10% British lamb bone and 10% British lamb liver. This veterinary approved complete raw dog food helps keep your dog in shape, combating digestive disorders, allergies and skin conditions, among other health issues.

And for your dog, it means a delicious meal to look forward to each day.