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  • Brand: Nutriment
  • Code: NS80
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When you're looking for a completely raw diet that takes care of your dog's liver functionality, look no further than Liver Support by Nutriment. The white fish and beef formula provides a tasty meal for your dog while keeping their liver in a healthy condition.

Nutriment has sourced natural and high-quality ingredients that are human-grade, each with properties to enhance liver health. The proteins in the white fish ingredients of pollock and haddock are incredibly digestible and the protein levels, in general, are adequately restricted. The fish is also low in copper and packed with essential fatty acids. Liver detoxification is supported by the zinc in the pumpkin seeds, blood purification is supported by the dandelion content and blood clotting is aided by the Vitamin K in the basil ingredient. This working adult dog food also has enhanced levels of vitamins C and E as well as high levels of L-Arginine and L-Carnitine.

For healthy liver functionality and a delicious meal your dog will look forward to, Liver Support by Nutriment ticks every box.



  • A species-appropriate diet that does not contain any grains, refined carbohydrates, or high-starch ingredients
  • Moderately restricted protein
  • Increased vitamin C and vitamin E
  • Enhanced Zinc levels discouraging absorption of divalent cations
  • Restricted Copper levels
  • High L-Carnitine and L-Arginine levels
  • Restricted, appropriate phosphorus levels to support muscle maintenance and healthy liver function


  • White fish (Haddock, Pollock) has innately low levels of copper. It is also good source of protein and rich essential fatty acids as well as being one of the most highly digestible proteins.
  • Dandelion has prebiotic properties and can support blood purification.
  • Basil is high in Vitamin K which aids in blood clotting.
  • Pumpkin seeds are a good source of Zinc which supports liver detoxification.
  • Sunflower is high in Vitamin E which helps has many documented benefits.


What Fits in a Box?
20 x 500g or 8 x 1.4kg chubbs