Natural Beef Tripe

  • Brand: Natural Instinct
  • Code: NI02
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Natural Instinct Beef & Tripe Natural Dog Food (1kg)

Complete natural dog food consists of green beef tripe (so it's a little bit smelly!), fruit, vegetables and added nutrients
Please note that bone is not included (as beef bone is very tough) although calcium nutrients can be found in the Kelp
Ingredients & Nutritional Information
  • Ground British green beef tripe (80%)
  • Carrot
  • Butternut squash
  • Apples
  • Kelp
  • Scottish salmon oil
  • Spinach
Moisture 74.9%
Protein 13.3%
Fat 7.5%
Crude Ash 1.2%
Fibre 4.1%
Natural Instinct Beef Tripe can be used as a mixer with other dog food (please ensure amounts are adjusted proportionally) or as a complete meal
What Fits in a Box?
12 tubs = 1 box

10 tubs + 2 bone +

1 bag of treats = 1 box

1 box = 12kg